Coil Factor Performance Alien

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Coil Factor - Performance Alien Coil Sets 

This product has been designed for vapers looking for the ultimate vaping experience, be it flavor or cloud chasing.

Apart from the unique branding that gives customers a status of excellence, the product is a work horse! The product consists out of 3 x 28ga core wires securely alien claptoned with 36ga Twisted messes Nichrome80 wire. Hand Crafted to perfection.

This makes for a coil that is compact and fits into most RDA,RTA and RDTA's, has quicker ramp-up time and wicks juice more efficiently, all to produce an instantaneous smooth flavorful vape.

With proper care and installation, Coil Factors all TMN80 coils can last anywhere from 2-4 months.

Product Specifications:

  • Wrap: 5 wraps 
  • Inner diameter: 3mm
  • Resistance single coil: 0.28 ohm - 0.34 ohm 
  • Resistance dual coil: 0.14 ohm - 0.17 ohm 

(Coil distance from post can affect resistance.)

Making Coil Factors coils safe to use on a mechanical device as well as a regulated device.